Seven Haiku (2014) by John Lane
This piece explores the translation of Haiku poetry to music: brief and evocative music create stark, singluar images or a precise moment in time. Each movement is based on a Haiku, some traditional (Basho), some are simply culled from other sources (friends, poets, etc.).

Cuando la Caja Repica la Trompeta Suena (2014) by Carlos Camacho*
"Marching bands are a big part of my musical life. These bands are characterized by lots of energy, life, and rhythm. This work is a tribute to the rhythms and melodies of the marching band styles of Panama." _ Carlos Camacho
*Commissioned and premiered by Lungta

Good Conduct (2014) by John Lane and Nick Lantz (poetry)
The text for "Good Conduct" was inspired by 19th-century etiquette manuals. I am fascinated by the tension between the sedate refinement that these manuals aspire to and their bossy, domineering tone. Reading the text through the megaphone makes that tension even more pronounced, as that medium lends an abrasive surface to even the most bland statements. The etiquette rules I wrote for the piece begin in the realm of the believable but become increasingly surreal, confronting the impossibility of maintaining our composure in the face of our own mortality. – Nick Lantz

In Place (2014) by John Lane, Amanda Pepping, and Nick Lantz (poetry)
In Place is our first collaborative work with poet Nick Lantz. Check it out in Projects.